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Dr. Gilete as a neurosurgeon is specialized in aiding international patients seeking advice related to Neuro & Spine surgery. Many patients seek Dr. Gilete’s advice due to many reasons, mainly because of the high costs billed in their home country, or because not all new successful treatments are yet available in their home country or even with regards to the North-American patients that some elective procedures not allowed by the FDA regulations. Dr. Gilete believes there is still hope for these cases in providing them a successful recovery and guaranteeing a life-long solution to their health problems.
When Dr. Gilete decided to a more human-to-human approach he knew he had to be backed by a great team of logistic managers to deal with everything in order to assure the best satisfaction of his patients. His team has carefully elaborated complete start-to-finish measures having in mind what the international patient needs and what we can offer, in order to be able to accept and assist the majority of illness cases that reach out to us.
It’s important to mention that Dr. Gilete and his team only refer to hand-picked experienced and certified surgeons within the most prestigious and internationally renowned hospitals in Barcelona.
Unlike other healthcare providers or medical tourism companies, Dr. Gilete explicitly focuses his expertise in Neuro & Spine surgical interventions for those looking for healthcare abroad, being constantly up to date with the latest news and breakthroughs in Neuro & Spine surgery and in constant communication with his fellow colleagues. Another factor that distinguishes Dr. Gilete is his human approach when dealing with his patients – he is known to be the first in the team analyzing and responding to the patients’ health problems trying to promptly understand the circumstances surrounding the patients’ illness.
Dr. Gilete tries his best in order to make his patients feel that Dr. Gilete is their doctor and can trust without bearing in mind the physical distance between them – Dr. Gilete is always available to respond any of your doubts as quickly as possible. When arriving to Barcelona, you will be accompanied by your case manager in every step during your stay. The team will ensure that all procedures run smoothly and accordingly to plan.


Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery
Phone: +34 93 220 28 09

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