1. Why Barcelona?

    Being based in Barcelona offers our patients many advantages to being treated here. The city is historically important in terms of being a pioneer in healthcare and has become a major healthcare destination with 152 private hospitals in the region and more than 19.000 beds. The surgeons here are world renowned and Catalonia is a Bio-Region; a cluster for biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology.

  2. Surgery abroad – how do I know if it is the right choice for me?

    There are many advantages to being treated abroad. People are now traveling overseas for treatment because of the high quality of healthcare, affordability, access of care or better availability.

  3. I have read all the information on your website – what should I do now?

    It’s easy. All you need to do is fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form or simply call us on +34 932202809 and we will be delighted to get back to you either with a free quote, a consultation or further information – whatever you need.

  4. When will you respond to my enquiry?

    We understand how worrying health problems can be and that time is of the essence so we endeavor to respond within 24 hours.

  5. I am interested in coming to Dr. Gilete Spine Center for my surgery, how much will it cost?

    WThe cost of treatment is calculated on an individual basis and will depend on the complexity and amount of medical assistance you need and any special requirements you may have. Generally speaking, our prices are considerably lower than in the USA (up to 50%) with the same, if not higher, standards of treatment and facilities as in their leading clinics.

    Please fill in the ‘ Contact Us’ ‘ form, and after an initial consultation with Dr. Gilete we will provide you with a preliminary cost of the required surgery. We aim to respond within 24hrs.

  6. How quickly can you organize the treatment?

    We aim to provide you with the preliminary quote within 24hrs (post diagnosis). The date for an operation depends mainly on your availability, as our surgeons perform surgeries on a daily basis. Surgery can usually be scheduled within a 2 week time frame.

  7. Can diagnostic and other preoperative tests be made at the hospitals where Dr. Gilete performs surgeries?

    We can organize a complete diagnostic program that may include MRI scans or whatever is needed. Preoperative blood tests are also available upon request. Please ‘ Contact Us’ for further details.

  8. Will it be possible to speak to the surgeon before I book my surgery?

    Yes, a personal telephone consultation with your surgeon can be arranged. In fact constant contact by email is standard. Video conferencing is also available if convenient for you and it normally takes up to 25 minutes for a full consultation. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Our surgeons speak at least two languages (English and Spanish). Please check any additional languages spoken by some of them, in case this would aid communication if your mother tongue is not one of the aforementioned.

  9. Can you help with organizing the trip i.e. flight, booking the hotel, airport pick up or organizing a leisure program?

    Absolutely. Please ‘ Contact Us’ for further details.

  10. What is included in your quote?

    Normally, our final quote will include the costs related to your stay at the hospital (the number of days will depend on the complexity of treatment), preoperative evaluation, anesthesiology, surgery, implants (if used), postoperative x-ray & imaging tests, post-operative care at the hospital, postoperative consultation after discharge, medication during stay, WIFI while at hospital, postoperative physiotherapy, and depending on your needs we usually take care of preoperative hotel booking, postoperative hotel booking, transportation to and from the airport (2 ways), transportation hotel.

    We only deal with the most reputable travel companies and our priority is to make your trip to Europe as pleasant, comfortable and successful as possible. Our team is here to help you in any way we can and we aim to provide you with a full quote within 36 hours.

  11. How long will I need to stay in Barcelona? When can I travel after the operation?

    It is advisable for patients taking a long haul flight to arrive in Europe at least a couple of days in advance, in order to recover from any jet lag as much as possible. We can help you to book the hotel and transportation. Postoperative recuperation depends on the kind of surgery to be performed and your preoperative health status. Prior to surgery we will send you a health questionnaire to address your specific needs and to personally tailor your stay abroad. After the operation it is important to take some time to recover before undertaking extensive traveling. Please check our “Fitness to Fly” section with recommendations before flying back. In any case, our team will be able to advise you upon this.

  12. I would like someone to accompany me. Can he/she stay at the hospital with me?

    Yes, of course. A spare bed is provided in your hospital room for your convenience.

  13. When I arrive can I go straight to the hospital or do I have to stay in the hotel?

    This will depend on the time of your arrival. But we always endeavor to make the arrangements that suit you best. Please do not hesitate to contact us with all your questions and requirements.

  14. How can I get to the hospital?

    Normally, our standard quotes include transportation from the airport and hotel, so unless you prefer to use public transport or taxis, you do not need to worry about this. If you have any special requirements, please let us know in advance (wheelchairs, if there are more than 2 people travelling with you, etc…).

  15. Do doctors and assistants speak English at the clinic?

    The team at Dr. Gilete Spine Center has native English speakers to make sure there are no communication issues and that there is always a translator on hand. Our medical team speaks English. If you require a translator at the hospital we can arrange this.

  16. Is there any waiting time from the day I first arrive to the hospital?

    No. Once a date has been agreed with you will receive your treatment and care as planned.

  17. What should or shouldn’t I do prior to surgery?

    From the results of the health questionnaire we will invite you to fill in, we will specifically recommend what to avoid. Nevertheless, generally speaking ASPIRIN OR ANY ANTICOAGULANT MEDICINE, such us warfarine (coumadine), acenocoumarol or phenoprocoumon SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO SURGERY. Please consult our specialists before traveling and please be assured that we will always provide you with a comprehensive checklist of everything you will need to do prior to and during your trip.

  18. What will I need to bring with me?

    You will need to bring your most recent medical documents related to the condition you are about to be treated for. You will also need to have all the preoperative test results: Thoracic plain radiograph, ECG and preoperative blood test (includes general complete testing and coagulation testing). Without these your operation may be delayed. We will always provide you with a list of everything you will need to bring.

  19. What if I need more pain relief?

    The medical team at the hospital will be looking after you and will make sure you receive all the pain relief you need.

  20. Who will be looking after me in the hospital?

    There will be a round-the-clock medical team there to provide you with all the care you need, every step of the way.

  21. What are the visiting hours at the hospital?

    You can have visitors at any time.

  22. How long will I be in the hospital for?

    This is dependent upon the treatment you receive. Your surgeon will be able to advise upon this.

  23. When will I be able to fly home? Do I need to worry about travelling after surgery?

    Please check our “Fitness to Fly” section with recommendations before flying back and scheduling long haul flights. By following these recommendations it makes it much less likely that you will develop any complications during your trip back.More information available on http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2012/chapter-6-conveyance-and-transportation-issues/air-travel.htm

  24. What about safety measures?

    Dr. Gilete Spine Center is located in completely safe areas. In fact, we always recommend that before you travel abroad you check at the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) within the United States Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security https://www.osac.gov/Pages/Home.aspx .
    Go to Region Locator (right hand corner) and search for Spain, Barcelona or any other city or country.

  25. What about outbreaks?

    We recommend that you visit http://www.healthmap.org/ for up-to-date information.

  26. How and when do I pay?

    Once you agree with the preliminary quote, a customized amended quote will be issued including anything you would like us to arrange for your stay abroad. Normally we will ask you for a 50% deposit in order to book your surgery approximately two weeks before your scheduled surgery. You will then need to pay the remaining 50% prior to or at the time of your arrival at the hospital.
    In the event that you finally decide not to be operated on at Dr. Gilete Spine Center, meaning that the proposed surgery is not performed, we will refund all the quantities paid in advance by you except any bank transfer charges.
    In the event that you come to Europe to be operated on at Dr. Gilete Spine Center but you finally decide not to go ahead with the operation, meaning that the proposed surgery is not performed, Dr. Gilete Spine Center will refund all the quantities paid in advance except any bank charges and/or any costs that might have been incurred during your stay which have been paid by Dr. Gilete Spine Center. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  27. Do you have experience of working with insurance plans from the United States? I am curious of if they would help cover the surgery and wondered if it was a common practice.

    Regarding American insurances, we facilitate all the paperwork (letter medical necessity and reimbursement invoices & reports). We can provide a customized and itemized invoice when necessary in order for you to receive reimbursement from your insurance.

    Yes, it’s a common practice from different Insurance Plans to ask for the itemized invoice (breakdown of costs) in order to accept or not reimbursement of costs.

    Normally reimbursement will depend mainly on your policy coverage, so we recommend you to ask to your insurance company if they will reimburse you if you provide our itemized invoice and the quantity and concepts which they will accept. Generally speaking they accept surgeons’ fees, implants and hospital costs, but again it will vary and will depend on your coverage.

  28. What information do I need to provide?

    After our initial response to your enquiry we will need to see the most recent medical information you have. You can upload it to your customer area on the Dr. Gilete Spine Center website or alternatively send us a CD by post. Constant communication with our team will solve any issue that may arise.

  29. I am worried about MRSA infections. What is the average hospital infection/mortality rate?

    Assuming it is a western hospital, it will mainly depend on the complexity of the treatment. In our institutions MRSA infections are not something to be worried about but in any case you can check official statistics at OCDE: http://ecdc.europa.eu/en/publications/Publications/Forms/ECDC_DispForm.aspx?ID=816

  30. How is Dr. Gilete Spine Center regulated?

    At Dr. Gilete Spine Center, surgeons work in prestigious, world renowned hospitals, all of which are holders of professional quality accreditations such as JC and ISO 9001. This means that Dr. Gilete Spine Center complies with the highest standard of regulations in the industry.

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