Neurosurgery Connective Tissue Disorders & Ehler-Danlos Syndrome & Chiari Malformation

In my many years of practicing medicine and operating on many complex serious cases, I have recently been introduced to a group of patients in Europe who suffer from what is known as connective tissue disorders.

This can manifest in conditions such as Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Marfans and others. I am discovering through operating and getting to know these individuals on a one to one basis, there is a major shortage in the world for surgeons specializing in this area, or sharing interest , especially in the neuro and spinal field to help these sufferers.

Complicated procedures such as decompression with fusion for Chiari malformation and cranial cervical instability or tethered cord for example on Ehlers-Danlos people, as I understand surgery is more difficult and challenging with them as individuals and, as result of their EDS or Marfans they also, to make things more troublesome, so many do also suffer from co morbid conditions such as POTS, mast cell disorders, dislocations, autoimmune illnesses and the list goes on.

I am proud to say we relish these challenges to help people. Our Team are Europe’s surgeons to offer lifesaving and improvement to quality of life with personal evaluation and surgical solutions to address these cases.

I enjoy the challenge of this and knowing so many of connective tissue patients have been refused help from their own countries, it encourages us to help people in trying to go onto less painful and more freedom and independence to their lives.

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