Predictive factors of a lumbar disc hernia surgery

According to several studies in different parts of the world there are a number of factors known to affect the result after herniated disc surgery.15347872_s

1- Surgical re-intervention: patients who have already undergone surgery, at least once, for lumbar disc hernia are more likely to have a poor outcome than those who will undergo a first intervention.

2- Presence of lumbar canal stenosis associated with lumbar disc herniation.

3- Social and labor situation: patients with low levels of schooling.

4- Psychological component: according to a recent study by Schade, V et al, depression and occupational stress have a significantly negative effect on the outcome of spinal surgery despite the absence of a morphological reason to support the bad result. However be the case, the support of the wife or partner has been identified as a good factor for the results. Expectations by patients for the surgery, have shown that higher expectations appear to be related to high recovery rates and satisfaction.

5- The presence of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease or dyslipidemia (comorbidity).

6- Time evolution of radicular pain: better results in patients operated on after three months and six months before the pain started.


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